The Head Band Fit system and sport glasses

When we practice any sport protecting our eyes is essential, we can use with sport glasses to avoid any kind of lesion.

A few simple sunglasses can become a nuisance. So Slastik designed the Head Band Fit system. When we are running a clear vision is essential. Otherwise we could take risks like falling or tripping, which can result in injury. On the other hand, it is essential to prevent light or glare that can blind us during sports. Some sunglasses can be our greatest ally when we are out running and protecting our eyes and avoid glares.FalconFit

But… Can sunglasses keep our pace? Slastik has designed a system for its sport glasses that is able to protect our vision perfectly adapted to sport: the Head Band Fit system.

This system is found on all models Slastik Sun Fit and is essential to enjoy a totally comfortable viewing.